How I went from burned out corporate girl (in constant pain) to finding sustainable wellness and helping other powerful women find it too.

Before I even knew what gluten free, the microbiome, the immune system or holistic healing was. I was a stressed out and inflamed overachiever who was managing an academic department by day and earning my Master’s degree by night.

Sure, it sounds alright, but I was MISERABLE and sick.

I had no idea how to care for myself and worked myself straight into a very dark and painful place. Thankfully I learned rock bottom isn’t a place of death but rebirth (if you listen and learn from the experience).

Myths, Misinformation and Medieval Doctors

I didn’t have a smooth transition through the self-discovery healing process. I wish it was a lot quicker and guided by encouraging fairy godmothers but instead it was fraught with TONS of misinformation, women’s health myths and downright bad advice.

When I finally woke up to the fact that no one was coming to save me and the “help” my doctors at the time had been giving was more hurtful than helpful I QUIT.

Literally… I fired my medieval doctor, ripped up a prescription he gave me to Lupron and quit my corporate job.

Coaching, Cooking and Confidence

For the next four years I dug deep. I knew there was more to my chronic pain than what my (now fired) doctor understood. So I started obsessively reading anything and everything I could put my eyes on from medical journal articles to blog posts and books. My new job managing a coaching school was supportive of this process and I started to find balance.

I learned about the importance of a balanced microbiome and the role it plays in inflammation and the immune system. Because I’m a person who likes to know “why” finally understanding the science behind the different systems of the body helped me to make the commitment to overhaul my diet, learn to cook (nope was a terrible cook back then) and remove all endocrine disrupting chemicals from my routine and home.

Learning what was good for my body and what caused pain and flares started to give me confidence. The more confidence I grew the more I craved to learn more!

It was soo fun!

Experts and Excision

By 2017 I was flying high… literally! I was working for organization that required travel and loving my new level of healing as I flew all around the world.

I discovered my body was far more powerful than I thought and doing really well as I cared for and listened to it.

There was one thing lingering though. I still had noticeable pain in my lower abdomen and my husband and I still had yet to conceive.

So on a camping trip that year while I was reading a book by one of my favorite consulting psychologists (Ed Schein on “helping”) I realized I had come far on my healing quest but was at a point in my healing journey where I needed to ask for help again.

BUT this time not just from anyone. From someone who actually KNEW how to treat endometriosis and could assist me.

I was blessed to find a world-renowned endometriosis surgeon who is extremely skilled. With his help, I was able to remove all endo lesions and adhesions which resolved the binding pain. Working with him opened my eyes to an even larger problem with the current “standards of care” in women’s medicine.

To be honest I was pretty outraged. Women’s medicine is plagued with underlying myths and is in serious need of an overhaul (more detail on that later).

Enter 2020

Before the pandemic hit I was working up the courage to finally tell my story and help other women along their healing/self-discovery journeys.

Deep in my heart, I wanted to be an encouraging force I wish existed when I desperately needed it.

THEN in March, the pandemic hit and I saw a void.

During the first run of lockdowns, my heart went out to women with endometriosis and pelvic pain who didn’t have anywhere to turn. I knew women were going to need additional support, education, and encouragement so I started a FB support group called Beyond Endo.

Now we are 2,000+ women strong and I love serving women and helping them get results MANY years sooner than I did.

So the question is now… are you ready?

Deep down you know you are powerful and have the ability to heal.
You know the doctors can only go so far and their treatments aren’t long term strategies.

Are you ready to take your health into your own hands and learn about your body so you can get back to pursuing your dreams?

If so I’m here to help you take the next step.. maybe you are ready to improve your food choices.

Maybe you want to remove chemicals from your world or set boundaries to reduce stress.

Whatever your immediate health goal I’m here in your corner and I know you’re a powerful woman who can heal and make those big dreams happen.

Every investment in your own health will pay out 100 fold..

So what are you waiting for?

Join our growing community and let’s do this together!

Change is easier with a positive support system.

Ready to find sustainable health?

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