Find a Surgeon

Endo and chronic pain are complex multisystem dysfunctions and as such need a multi disciplinary team (AKA you’re going to need different types of doctors and support on your healing journey) to find healing that lasts.

An important step in that journey can be finding an experienced surgeon who understands endo and has the skills to remove it with wide excision.

Before you start your search for an endo surgeon, there are a few things to know:

1. Currently endometriosis doesn’t have its own subspecialty (despite several advocate petitions to ACOG)

2. Since there is no certification technically here in the US there is no such thing as an “Endo Specialist” despite the use of the term in marketing by several general OBGYNs

3. There are some “Endo Specialists” around the world who have devoted their practices to endometriosis and have learned the surgical skills needed to remove endo lesions and adhesions with wide excision

4. It can be difficult to find them so always interview potential doctors with the 17 Questions to Ask an “Endometriosis Specialist” before committing to surgery

5. Outside the US? Check for an Accredited Endometriosis Centre through BSGE.

If you need any additional support in your search feel free to reach out to the larger endo community to ask for patient experiences and outcomes.

We’re here for you!

Find a Naturopath

Just like general Doctors and everyday OBGYNs not all Naturopaths or Functional Medicine Doctors understand endo and it’s root causes.

Make sure you interview any and every doctor before you work with them to see if they have a protocol and good outcomes for women with endometriosis.